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Golden Flower Tai Chi Year Training 2020

This Training wants to reach out to those in search of more Fulfilment, Energy, Self-Expression, Joy, a more effective Self-Management, Growth and last but not least Blossoming - as in being the unique contribution that you are.      

The Golden Flower Curriculum                         

In this Training the Curriculum is our guide. We walk through it step by step. Every weekend part of the Curriculum is being clarified and seeds are being planted. In the period between weekends, you will practice, integrate and investigate what you learned, so that those seeds can come to fruition.

If desired, we will also cover questions of the written test. Systematically covering our fascinating Curriculum, will have you experience it's riches and transformation.   

Growth and Blossoming      

Golden Flower Tai Chi is a foundational tool for Self-Management and Fulfilment. The Golden Flower stands for the full blossoming of each individual in their own unique way. Hence during this Training, we will emphasize the connection between the practices and daily life. 

Whom is this Training for ? 

Because of the unique format and because the Curriculum is an endless Source of refinement, this Training is open to a wide range of people and can be followed again and again. 

  • Golden Flower Tai Chi Students that can perform the Golden Flower Form and have a basic knowledge of Pushing Hands (and preferably Fast Form) to grow to the next level, to enjoy Golden Flower Tai Chi even more and possibly to become a Golden Flower Trainee. 
  • Golden Flower Trainees for greater clarity and insight in the Curriculum and the Self-Cultivation that the School stands for and/or as a preparation for the Golden Flower Instructors Test 
  • Golden Flower Instructors that want to refresh, deepen and clarify their knowledge and appreciation of the Golden Flower Curriculum and discover into a new layer of their Selves

Who is providing this Training ? 

The Training is being facilitated by Rashmi with assistance of Heike.
Both are certified Golden Flower Tai Chi® Instructors and are especially dedicated to their own development. From that place they want to reach out to others and share their own journey.

Rashmi teaches Tai Chi since 1995 and is actively connected with the certification process of Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructors since 2004 (both the written and the practical test) at the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association International ( She founded this programme in 2012.

Heike teaches since 2001 in the South of England, where she has built a student base of over 80 people. She also runs a Foot Reflexology practice and her original education as a physiotherapist still serves her well.

You can read more about Heike on

We inspire each other ! 

Partnership and co-creation are foundational in the Golden Flower School and in this Training. Exchange inspires, enriches and deepens. We stand for and want to share that experience.             

What is required ?  

1. Time wise 

  • as a UK attendant, I commit to attending at least 2 weekends
  • daily practice of 20 mins to integrate the material and to clarify any questions you come across. 
  • there are assignments that require one hour per week with one of the other participants 
  • we highly recommend that you take a weekly Golden Flower Tai Chi Class for optimum integration 

2. Financially**

  • Commitment is for at least 2 weekends. The fee is payable in two instalments of 620 euros; the first is due by 17 December and the second by 1 May. 
  • All payments happen by bank transfer. 
  • All prices are for double room occupancy and with vegetarian meals, included from Saturday lunch till Sunday lunch. 
  • An extra night with breakfast can be booked at 50 euro per night per person (reduced to 45 euro if you stay both Friday and Sunday nights); a light dinner on Friday and/or Sunday at 6pm costs 12,50 euro extra. 

3. Sincere Self-Enquiry

  • The commitment and ongoing self-enquiry to live a healthy happy life and to fully blossom with Golden Flower Tai Chi is the foundation of this Training.                      

** An invoice can be provided if needed.

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